Friday, November 26, 2010


Well then.... TGIF People!!!! We've survived another week!!! NOw that it's the last friday of the month... Time to celebrate going into the Christmas season. That's right people... It's holiday shopping time!!! Make sure to have fun and don't spend all of your money!!!

Anyways, today was a fairly regular day. Except for Tim Horton's Donuts. Mmmmmm... Awesome. So, a friend and I go to Timmies to buy donuts with our Band teacher. Later in the day, we do one hour of spreadsheets. I think it's pretty awesome... Most people hate math though... So... It doesn't really work for most of them. Social was boring... As usual... Science kinda sucked today. It started with a project. Wasn't bad until my partner bailed to go with one of her better friends. I still got a good partner, so I'm happy. After school was our Monthly Coffee house!!! They are always awesome! FUll of music and funny improv. I was the highlight at the beginning because i tripped over a chair and got a standing ovation. Sweeet!!! So any ways... Until next time... LAter people of the Interwebs!!!

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