Thursday, December 16, 2010

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!

There's one more day??? Are you cereal??? Really??? Luckily, tomorrow should consist of fun... Our class won the best door!! Eat it Melnyk!!! Hahahahhaha!!! We also got best bribe! Cookies, brownies, candles, honey, presents, yep... SO we won!!!!!!! Awesome!! We had a fireplace, wreath, lights, mat, and paintings! We rock! YOga in Jeans is really hard! Just to warn you... It hurts... Ummm... WHat else... Oh yes... Nothing to do tomorrow!!! And... 9 days to Xmas!!! Hooray!!merry_christmas_everybody.jpgSo... Whats up for christmas everybody??? COmment S.V.P.!!! So until then... LAter people of the interwebs!!!

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